Two Great Causes

Raise Hands. Raise Paws. Raise Hope!

Winnipeg Humane Society

Two Great Causes, One Great Lottery!

Misericordia Health Centre (MHC) and Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS) have provided life-changing services to the community AND to our animals for more than 100 years.

We are very excited to now be joining together in a ground-breaking partnership to raise awareness and much-needed funds to support both of our important goals. All lottery proceeds will be split between MHC and WHS, allowing us to invest in programs that provide outstanding care to hands and paws alike.

Delivering the Future of Care

MHC’s Eye Care Centre of Excellence is the largest comprehensive surgical and treatment program in Western Canada. Open 24/7 for patients experiencing urgent eye issues, your ticket purchases will ensure those on the front lines are able to continue enhancing patient experiences by incorporating the latest in best practices and technology.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Jennifer Rahman, who performs eye surgery at MHC, says her whole team is grateful for the support.

We couldn’t do our work without your support, and we greatly appreciate the contribution and the care and support that you show for our work and patients. Investing in the community in this way is so important, for now, and in the future.”

New Beginnings for Those Without A Voice

As Manitoba’s oldest charity and longest-running animal welfare organization, WHS gives second chances to over 10,000 animals every year, both in shelters and in the community. Helping animals every step of the way from intake to the clinic to animal care to adoption, purchasing a ticket funds and supports critical programs that find and keep animals in homes and support the human-pet bond.

One of those 10,000 animals is Sven, a stray cat found frozen under a truck and rushed to us for help. Fighting for his life, Sven was hypothermic with severe frostbite on his tail. Thanks to the generosity of donors and ticket buyers like you, our dedicated Clinic staff was able to perform a tail amputation and send him to a volunteer foster family to heal. Sven’s happy ending came when the same amazing people who found him in the snow and ice chose to adopt him into their forever family.

Evolving to Meet the Health Care Needs of Manitobans

Whether it is providing new technology to ensure residents and patients remain connected to their loved ones, the music and memory program to foster shared connections, to the purchase of innovative exercise therapy equipment, your ticket purchases provide meaningful resources to the older adults who rely on MHC for their physical and mental well-being.

The acquisition of state-of-the-art technology has made many extra special moments possible. Resident Irene Bevan, 89, is enamoured with the music feature on Manitoba’s only Tover. Her hand slowly glides across the table, with a song playing every time a music note is touched. Her eyes light up and she visibly relaxes watching the notes circle the table.

“She used to play the piano,” explains her husband, Richard, who is visiting Irene. “This must bring back memories, you can see an immediate response.” Irene is non-verbal, she doesn’t speak, so moments like these are extra special for the entire recreation team. The team and Richard echo the same sentiment to the supporters – “thank you for making experiences like this possible!”


WHS believes in the humane treatment of ALL animals, advocating and providing a voice to those who don’t have one. Whether it’s standing up for farm animals in substandard conditions, fighting for the end of animals used as entertainment or expanding our services to help animals in need in remote and Northern communities, we are a community service organization dedicated to being that voice. Through the generosity of donors and ticket buyers, we’ve been able to launch the One Health Program, a partnership program focusing on providing much-needed veterinary services in remote communities in Manitoba.

One Health supports people AND animals as it did for Laura and her dog Rexi. She walked and carried Rexi for over an hour in -30 degree cold to one of our remote animal health clinics to get help for her dog. With gaping wounds due to attacks from wandering community dogs, Rexi was desperately in need of emergency vet care. We arranged with our local rescue partner to have Rexi flown to the WHS for emergency surgery and much-needed rest before returning him back to the community and home to Laura.

This kind of urgent care would not be possible without generous funding and shared values to give every single animal a fair shake and a second chance.

Support Compassionate Care in Your Community